Wall Tile

Porcelanosa Ona Natural 13”x40”
Porcelanosa Ona Beige 13”x40”
Brick Blanco Almeria 4”x 6”
Porcelanosa Jersey Nieve 8”x12”, Jersey Mix, Glass Blanco12”x35”, Pro Part, Pro Mate 5, Pro Mate 3
Oxo Deco 12” x 35”

Tile has long been a popular choice for kitchen and bath walls because of its easy maintenance, strength and resilience. And new trends in sculptured tile make this material an exciting décor choice for the other rooms of your home. Sculptured tile’s texture and pattern options allow you to enjoy a room tactilely as well as visually, and can make a bold impression as a singular statement wall or to enhance an existing wall design.

Main Street carries a variety of tiles by Porcelanosa, which come in a variety of textures, materials, patterns and colors to produce a stunning visual that reflects your personality and style. Visit our showroom to experience tile’s stimulating possibilities.